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Nintendo’s Initial Mobile Game List to be Freemium

Nintendo’s Initial Mobile Game List to be Freemium

by Steve CullumNovember 11, 2015

The CEO of DeNA, Isao Moryiasu, in an earnings call on November 11, 2015, revealed a bit more about their partnership with Nintendo. The Wall Street Journal quoted Moriyasu as saying, “Games currently in the pipeline are all free to play.”

A few years ago, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s former president, stated they were going to explore more pricing structures. Since then, we have seen Nintendo experiment with free-to-play games on their Nintendo 3DS handheld console. The recent Pokemon Shuffle for 3DS and mobile is just one of those freemium-priced games.

The only mobile game we know that is coming from Nintendo and DeNA right now is Miitomo, which was recently delayed to a March 2016 launch on iPhone and Android. This game/app will allow users to interact with others via their Mii (virtual avatar) that gained initial popularity from the Wii home console in 2006. Unfortunately, we still do not know much about this application, which means we do not know how it will fall into the freemium structure. We can only guess one option will be clothes to purchase for your Mii.

At this moment, we do not know anything more about the other four mobile games coming from Nintendo and DeNA. However, knowing they will be freemuim might tell us something.

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