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July 30, 2015

Barry’s Game Pickups: Summer Spectacular – Part 1

As the summer months heat up, so do the wild game finds! How has everyone's summer been? What games did you find? Click on to watch my adventures while sharing your own personal stories!
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July 15, 2015

Barry’s Gaming Oddities: Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Figures

If you're looking for some great Nintendo items to decorate your game room, then look no further then Jakks Pacific's Nintendo line of toys and plushies. If you haven't seen what they have to offer, then join me as I run through the available toys and discuss which ones will be coming our way later this year!
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May 29, 2015

Barry’s Game Pickups: Memorial Day Madness!!

This Memorial Day was certainly a strange one. Usually I go out hunting games. This time the games wound up hunting me! Tune in to see what I mean!
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May 23, 2015

Barry’s Game Pickups: Two Videos for the price of one!

Join me on my never-ending quest to find new video games and hidden gems through yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets! This time there's two videos to chronicle my journey! Join me now and let me know what treasures you've found lately!
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