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September 15, 2010

Tangled – Wii Debut Trailer

Disney’s Tangled: takes you on a storybook comedy adventure. In this visually entertaining journey inspired by the 3D animated film, you will explore familiar environments, take on engaging quests and play a host of mini games along the way. Discover multiple activities, rejuvenate & nurture characters in need, befriend animals and ensure that adventurous Rapunzel aided by the swashbuckling Flynn overcomes challenging escapades to untangle her dreams. You can also collect a variety of colors to draw and paint the Tower wall.

Brush Rapunzel’s hair, paint Flynn’s wanted posters, make cupcakes, race goats and groom horses

Features * [...]

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September 15, 2010

Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama – Coming to Wii & DS

Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama for Nintendo Wii and Cooking Mama World: Hobbies & Fun for Nintendo DS will both offer fans of the eponymous ‘Mama’ another two adventures into her world of domestic bliss when they are both released on 12th November 2010.

Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama is the first videogame to come bundled with a life-sized baby doll peripheral designed exclusively by Cooking Mama Limited. Wii owners will place the Wii Remote into a secure pouch in the doll’s back to bring it to life! Each doll is hand stitched, making no two babies exactly the same.

Playing along with Mama, players will have to follow instructions to carry out [...]

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September 14, 2010

Hands-on: GoldenEye 007 for the Wii

Destructoid has a small write up about their hands on with the game:

Remember the tank level in the 64 version of 007? It was a pretty badly designed and boring level. The new tank section in Eurocom’s version of the game is a gigantic blast though, mainly due to the fact that there’s a ton of action taking place on the screen. Enemies are coming at you from the ground and the air giving you something to shoot at throughout the entire level.

Along with the massive amount of enemies, buildings are getting bombed all around you in an attempt to stop Bond from giving chase to his target. It’s pretty impressive to see buildings crumble (for a Wii [...]

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September 13, 2010

GoldenEye 007 – New Screens

James Bond 007: GoldenEye 007 Classic Edition Hardware Bundle with Gold Wii Classic Controller Pro From Activision Publishing Price: $69.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details

Availability: Not yet released Ships from and sold by

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