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March 24, 2010

10 things we may see for Zelda on the Nintendo 3DS

#10 – Ocarina of Time re-released in 3D They have been avoiding a hand held remake of the game despite the high demand of one ever since proving the Nintendo DS could handle the graphics with the re-release of Super Mario 64. If the system has superior power as is rumored then why not finally bring this to light? Nothing could be greater than romping through Hyrule as the Hero of Time again… with the world literally popping out at my face. Okay I lied, maybe a Majora’s Mask remake would top that. The Moon may appear to be literally smashing me in the face instead of hitting a little clock tower.

#09 – Touch controls are optional I’ll give [...]

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March 23, 2010

(DS) Dementium II – Trailer

Dementium II is a first person, survival horror video game in development for the Nintendo DS. It is the sequel to 2007’s Dementium: The Ward, also for the Nintendo DS. The game is being developed by Renegade Kid and is set to be published by SouthPeak Interactive. It includes new weapons like the sledge hammer.

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March 23, 2010

Nintendo Officially Announce The DS Successor: The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have officially announced that that the successor to the Nintendo DS system is a 3D capable version of the popular hand-held but neglects the need for 3D glasses and is titled the Nintendo 3DS.

Whilst the company didn’t reveal too much regarding the specifics of the hardware itself, apparently leaving the details to E3, the company have stated that the new hand-held will be released sometime during Nintendo’s next financial year (April 2010 – March 2011).

– The Nintendo 3DS, will be released sometime during Nintendo’s next financial year (Apr 2010 – March 2011).

– It will be capable of producing 3D graphics, without the need [...]

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March 22, 2010

Nintendo Channel Updates 3-22-2010

DS Game Demos

Rooms DS Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects Deca Sports DS Cheerleading Demo Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Deca Sports DS Ping Pong Demo Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Disney The Princess and the Frog James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Bakugan Battle Brawlers James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion


Nintendo Week 3/22 WarioWare D.I.Y. Masahiro Sakurai made it too America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking How are the recipes created? Monster Hunter Tri Qurupeco Video 1 Monster Hunter Tri Qurupeco Video 2 Monster Hunter Tri Gobul Video 1 Monster Hunter Tri Gobul Video 2 WarioWare D.I.Y. Tutorial – Intermediate [...]
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