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November 15, 2012

REVIEW – Cake Ninja 2

Do you like cake? Do you like slicing cake? If you need to feed your craving for slicing virtual cake, then just slice your way through multiple types of cakes then this is the game for you.
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November 14, 2012

Review – Paper Mario Sticker Star

Does Sticker Star live up to the lofty standards of previous Paper Mario games or does it completely miss the mark? Let’s find out.
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November 8, 2012

REVIEW – Crazy Kangaroo

Crazy Kangaroo is crazy fun!
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November 2, 2012

REVIEW – Robot Rescue 2

Ready for a cerebral challenge sure to jostle your grey matter and add a wrinkle or two? Check out my review of Robot Rescue 2 on DSiWare!
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