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March 14, 2009

Nintendo – Wii Hard Drive is "Rumor and speculation"

Well, so much for the double USB hard drive. CVG recently spoke with Nintendo about the peripheral, and they declared it to be purely “rumor and speculation”.

Yeah, it would have looked nice, fitting perfectly to the Wii, but it is unnecessary. SD cards are so much cheaper than hard drives, and some of them contain more storage space than you would even joke about needing. Just hold out for the update that was promised to come, which will allow gamers to load files and games directly from SD cards.

In the meantime, do what I do: delete Virtual Console and WiiWare games that you never really play (you know you don’t play all of them!) and make room for [...]

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February 16, 2009

Rumor – Commodore 64 coming to VC?

As stated in the “Wii Shop Channel Update” below, Nintendo’s Wiikly update included hints to a big surprise coming in the near future.

In other news, the Wiikly Update has a fun surprise coming soon for all our fans. We can’t tell you the secret just yet but maybe we’ll offer you some hidden clues. From AZ to NC, if you’re a fan, your applause could rattle your walls, windows, door. You might enjoy this news whether you live in a brick house or Vanderbilt dorm. Even people living along Route 286 in rural Pennsylvania ought to be excited. It’ll feel like a bunch of birthday greetings and, really, who could ask for more? But [...]

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February 12, 2009

More Explorers of the Sky and Platinum info via CoroCoro

Explorers of the Sky:

When you select your partners, it gives them a fixed gender straight out that you have a choice of. In the CoroCoro screenshot (not above), the choices are as follows:

-Chimchar ? -Piplup ? -Eevee ? -Phanpy ? -Vulpix ?

It is currently unknown if these are set for all Pokémon or if it will assing them random genders when it comes to select your starter.


Nintendo of Europe have sent out a press release and have confirmed the previously rumored date of May 22nd 2009 as the release of Pokémon Platinum in Europe. This makes it two months after the release in America.

via Serebii

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February 12, 2009

Nintendo to Build a New R&D Building

According to Japanese financial news service Nikkei Net, and translated by Gamespot, Nintendo has plans to build a ¥12.8 billion ($141.9 million) Research and Development facility on a 40,000 square meter location near its Kyoto, Japan headquarters.

The facility will consolidate the current R&D departments, which have been operating in separate locations, to create better collaboration and communication between the software and hardware R&D teams. While there is no timeline for the project currently, Gamespot reports that “Nintendo representatives informed Nikkei that the new facility will be devoted to creating new game consoles as well as software for the [...]

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