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August 20, 2009

Just Dance – GC 09 Debut Trailer

Dance to the rhythm of your favorite beat with Just Dance, a music & rhythm video game that allows you to dance the night away with your friends and family without ever leaving the house. With simple pick-up and play controls, anyone can join the party.

Key Features:

* One of the best dance mixes around: Just Dance features more than 30 licensed tracks, ranging from iconic dance hits such as “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer to modern day pop with “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry. * Real dance moves: step to the beat and learn real-life dance moves from music spanning the 80’s, 90’s, Disco, Rock and more. * Start the party right: Raise the roof [...]

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August 20, 2009

Lego Rock Band DS – New Screens + Info

The Nintendo DS version of the game is stated to play similar to Rock Band Unplugged, in which the player switches back and forth between the various instruments, trying to keep the entire band playing. The game will only utilize the touchpad and stylus, and will not include additional peripherals as used for the Guitar Hero On Tour series.

The DS version of LEGO Rock Band offers a journey to stardom that friends and families of all ages can enjoy as they rock out in local venues, stadiums and fantasy locations on Earth… and beyond! In a LEGO “build-and-play” gaming experience, players can customize their minifigure avatars to create their own individual LEGO Rock [...]

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August 20, 2009

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – NEW Gameplay Videos!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii GC 09: Desert Gameplay (Cam)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii GC 09: Luigi Loser Gameplay (Cam)

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August 20, 2009

Bleep Bloop – Wii Sports Resort

I have some what of a loose connection with this office and some of the fellows in the video.

My best friend of many years, Dave Trawin, is the head graphic design guy over at Busted Tees. Busted Tees, College Humor, Vimeo, and a few more are all under one roof in NYC and owned by the same company, Connected Ventures.

I’ve been to that office many of times after hours with a few buddy’s and we’ve played the Wii in that very spot hours on end.

At any rate, these guys are hilarious and it’s a nice honest assessment of Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Resort – how to unlock everything – tips, tricks, [...]

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August 19, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – More Details

– nothing removed from original game – new content added – DLC map packs are in question – A.I. intelligence remains the same – looking to secure the game at 30 FPS – no MotionPlus or WiiSpeak support – 10 players online – online connection rate improved, friend code situation revamped, send friends invites to play – 25-30 people working – multiple control options and tweaks that supposedly outdo The Conduit – squadmate mode returns – CG/sound/music/voice returns from original


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August 19, 2009

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – New Screens

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a side-scrolling platform video and is the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. The game was announced at Nintendo’s press conference at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009, and is slated for release late 2009. It will be the first game in the Mario Bros. series to feature simultaneous multiplayer gameplay in normal levels since the original Mario Bros.


The game uses elements of New Super Mario Bros. and also includes, for the first time in a Super Mario Bros. series game, simultaneous multiplayer capability of up to four players. It is played in classic style, with the Wii Remote held horizontally. [...]

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August 19, 2009

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles – GC 09 Trailer

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August 19, 2009

First Modern Warfare Wii Screens

Modern Warfare will make its Wii debut on 10 November and here are the first screens.

Take a look at the first screens and let us know what you think. Will you buy it?


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