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Smash Bros amiibo wave 6
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August 5, 2010

ScrewAttack – Angry Video Game Nerd: Zelda II (NSFW)


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August 5, 2010

Gods vs. Humans – In-Game Teaser Trailer

A matter of balance In Gods vs Humans, you embody major Gods from the most fabulous mythologies: Scandinavian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Japanese. As a god, you have enough power to rule the humans. All but cheeky ones! Some of them want to enter your domain. They have decided to build a tower to confront you. Use your divine powers to bring down the building and show who is the boss. Be careful not to hurt them though, you need people to believe in you!

Indeed, your strength depends on their faith. You unlock powers depending on the capacity of your power gauge. It is automatically recharged by the respect gauge, which is like a barometer of the human mood. These two [...]

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August 5, 2010

And Yet It Moves – Coming to WiiWare August 23, 2010

VIENNA, Austria – August 4, 2010 The highly anticipated puzzle platformer for WiiWare™, And Yet It Moves, officially receives a launch date of August 23, 2010, and pricing of 1,000 Wii Points™. Indie studio Broken Rules brings the award-winning downloadable PC game experience to the living room, introducing all new levels and game controls using the Wii Remote™ that will have players physically rotating environments to overcome various obstacles and challenges. Experience a new twist on the game that won the 2007 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase, was nominated for the 2007 EUROPRIX Top Talent Award and qualified as a finalist during IndieCade 2008.

And [...]

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August 4, 2010

Play! Pokémon Program – Unveiled

The Pokémon Company International introduced the Play! Pokémon program today, inviting Pokémon fans worldwide to join the fun at official, year-round Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and video game events. Whether a seasoned player or new to the world of Pokémon, fans will find that the Play! Pokémon program provides events suitable for all levels of Pokémon knowledge. Some players will opt to visit a local Pokémon League, where they can learn about Pokémon games and win prizes, while others may choose to test their strategies and training at competitive tournaments. No matter where Pokémon fans decide to join the fun, players at all levels are sure to have a great [...]

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August 4, 2010

(DS) BlayzBloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale – Gameplay

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