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December 5, 2011

Cave Story 3DS – Review Round-Up

GameShark – 100 Speaking for myself, I’d rather play through Cave Story again five times than have a second run through the tedious and dated Ocarina of Time, and discovering this game’s unique world in a new 3D format has been surprisingly rewarding. It may very well be the 3DS’ best game to date. – 100 This 3DS remake of the cult Cave Story fits the bill. It’s nicely re-done, all the while keeping what made the original a brilliant game. Perfect gameplay, inspired level-design, mesmerizing musics and enticing plot: no element of this remake can disappoint the fans of good old action platforming “oldschool” [...]

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October 18, 2011

Cave Story 3D Old vs New Trailer

This is the, best looking trailer so far! It starts off by comparing screenshots of the original game vs the screenshots of the NEW 3DS version of the game. The visuals look great! Then the rest of the trailer is pure gaming goodness and it's chock full o' gameplay. Of course, the video wouldn't be complete without some awesome Cave Story music to listen to. Enjoy!
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