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January 28, 2014

The String Arcade: A Retro Gaming Album Open for Pre-Orders!

Want to listen to some awesome music AND support the next generation of musicians? Check it out!
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March 17, 2011

72 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon for victims of Japanese Quake/Tsunami

72 Hours of Nonstop Videogames for Charity!


Zeke over at has informed us that he and his group of nerd gamers will be playing games nonstop for 72 hours to raise money for Architecture for Humanity, which is helping reconstruction efforts in Japan.

Details of Event

Begins Thursday March 17th @ 6PM PST Runs for 72 hours All games (excepting Portal and Minecraft) will be Nintendo 100% of proceeds will go to help Japan A Minecraft server will be up the whole time Minecraft will be streamed the whole time too Other games being played; Zelda, Okami, Mother 3 etc.

Keep up with [...]

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October 24, 2010

Zeldathon Team to raise money for Diabetes Research Funds in December

Pennsylvania Teens to use Video Games to Raise Money for Diabetes Research MEADVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA – September 20, 2010 – Beginning Monday, December 27, a group of teens from Meadville, Pennsylvania is looking to raise thousands of dollars for diabetes research by broadcasting a marathon session of The Legend of Zelda video games streamed live over the internet.

This is the third time the group has utilized this method of fundraising, which drew over 70,000 viewers during their last effort this past June. December’s event will feature the “Zeldathon” team as they venture to play as many games from the popular Nintendo series over a five day period, with as [...]

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