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Four New Zen Pinball 2 Tables Coming to Wii U

Deadpool: Featuring the supreme voice talents of the one and only Nolan North as Marvel’s notorious character, Deadpool, this table captures the acerbic, fourth wall-crushing attitude of the character as well as feature supporting characters from his universe, including Blind Al, Weasel, and Lil’ Deadpool.  Deadpool’s pinball debut features a dynamic table that will switch at his whim, quick-time events, a “Blind Mode” courtesy of Blind Al in which only the ball, flippers and target lanes are visible, and even a mode where the player can help Deadpool take down some of his most nefarious enemies: raging comic book fans!

Get ready for a big update to Zen Pinball 2 on Wii U. On August 28, 2014, Zen Studios will bring four new tables to the game as DLC: Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, and The Walking Dead.

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