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January 21, 2010

Fatal Frame 4 English Translation

*Video: WiiNintendo’s live 5 hour feed of Fatal Frame 4

The below method only works for retail discs.

You’ll need:

– The Patch that works with your systemPatch Loader 3.2 – 4.1, Patch Loader 4.2, Patch Loader HBC – English Patch – Retail Fatal Frame 4 Disc


– Costume Pack, To install the costume pack, place the folder “Costumes” inside of “Zero4” on the SD card, and place the “zzCostumes.xml” inside of “Riivoluion” on the SD card


Extract both of the above Zip files. Place the Zero4 folder, the private folder, the boot.dol, and the riivolution folder on your SD card. If you [...]

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