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February 18, 2014

REVIEW – Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage takes truckloads of ‘80s nostalgia and compresses it into a pixelated city that’s yours for the taking.
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October 11, 2013

Retro City Rampage – “One Year Anniversary” video

Check out the “One Year Anniversary” video of Retro City Rampage that highlights the progress the game has made over the past 12 months. This includes game footage, sales data, and even footage of an 8-bit prototype called “ROM” City Rampage.

If you still haven’t picked up the game, or want to own it on multiple platforms, be sure to stay tuned for more information about the 3DS version, slated to come out later this year!


(or here if the embedded video isn’t working!)


Alexandre Trottier is incredibly excited for Retro City [...]

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