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February 16, 2012

Nintendo Download – February 16, 2012

It seems that Nintendo has finally awoken in the download market today. Not only are we getting the long-awaited Hulu Plus for Wii, we also finally get another Wii Virtual Console title and an NES game for 3DS eShop!

That eShop game is Super Mario Bros., which is the title the Ambassadors already received but with a couple updates (yes, those are available for free to Ambassadors). Also on eShop is a free demo of METAL GEAR SOLID: Snake Eater 3D. For the DSiWare market, we get a spot-the-difference journey through Japan with iSpot Japan. That Wii Virtual Console game mentioned above is the highly acclaimed Strider. And again, you can also get Hulu Plus for Wii today, [...]

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