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June 13, 2010

More Legend of Zelda Wii Rumors (Update – Confirmed True)

Update: Zelda Informer is now claiming that these new details (below) are confirmed to be true. We’ll find out on June 15th.

Details originated from Eiji Aonuma’s E3 plan for the revealing of Zelda Wii:

– Zelda Wii’s official title is “The Legend of Zelda”. There will be no subtitle.

– The game tells a story several hundred years before Ocarina of Time.It also answers the question of how the Mastersword came into being.

– The fairy-like girl plays is a very important character in the game. Her Name is Zordiana.

– The Hookshot is also in the game and it has new abilities. It will not pull you immediately to [...]

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