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October 23, 2013

Pokemon XY Adventure Log: Day 11 – Victory Road, the Elite Four, and the Postgame

In the final Adventure Log, Alex talks about his issues with Victory Road, his thoughts about the final battles and what happens after the credits roll.
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October 21, 2013

Pokemon XY Adventure Log: Day 10 – Photo Gallery and the Eighth Gym

Despite being quite busy, Alex manages to throw together some brief impressions of the eighth gym and a photo gallery.
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October 20, 2013

Pokemon XY Adventure Log: Day 9 – The Successes and Downfalls of X/Y’s Story

Today, Alex analyzes Pokemon Y's story and discusses why he thinks it's the best one in the series.
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October 19, 2013

Pokemon XY Adventure Log: Day 8 – In a Gym on a Sphere in Space in a House in a Hole on the Bottom of the Sea

                Today, I was very pleased to see some new areas that utilize the stereoscopic 3D effect. I actually didn’t realize that I had my 3D slider on until I walked into the Pokéball Factory and immediately saw everything with a new layer of depth. This location was far better-suited to 3D than the Power Plant, as there were multiple levels of platforms high above my head that I could climb up to. Just as with the Power Plant, I didn’t notice any slow-down while walking around with the 3D on (although battles do occasionally drop in framerate). After running Team Flare out of the building and getting a Master Ball as a reward, I found out that the notorious group of villains [...]

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