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June 4, 2012

Coffee With Games: Mario Kart Wii

Thanks to Scott over at we have a snapshot of current play data for Mario Kart Wii.  For his full analysis  be sure and click on the link at the bottom of this article.

Coffee Beans   

Mario Kart Wii was released on April 27, 2008 in the U.S. with a MSRP of $49.99, and it was bundled with the Wii Wheel accessory. The game was developed by Nintendo’s EAD studio, and of course published by Nintendo. Mario Kart Wii received an ESRB rating of “Everyone” with “Comic Mischief” listed as content for gamers and parents to be aware of. Just how many hours have U.S. Wii owners reported battling with blue turtle shells in Mario [...]

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February 18, 2010

WiiNintendo/WiiFuse Mario Kart Wii Tournament – February 21, 2010 @ 8pm ET


The date will be this Sunday, February 21, 2010. The time will be 8pm ET. I’ll try to open the room up by 7:30pm. I (hattrick 2964-8995-1263) will be hosting this time around. To sign up, head to this thread in our forums. I will try to live-stream the tournament, as long as it doesn’t eat up my bandwidth.


In order to compete, you MUST submit your friend code in this thread! You also MUST add my friend code (2964-8995-1263). Otherwise, it is impossible to race you. NOTE: You do NOT have to add the friend codes of the other racers, but you can if you want. If I already have your code added, please post your [...]
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December 19, 2009

TONIGHT: WiiFuse Mario Kart Wii Tournament – Sunday, Dec. 20 @ 8:30pm CT

UPDATE: This is tonight, so be sure to set your alarm and wake up from your Sunday afternoon nap!

Hey, everyone! We’ve got a Mario Kart Wii tournament coming up this Sunday @ 8:30pm CT, hosted by our WiiNintendo Forums (WiiFuse).  Be sure to join in!  If you’re not a member of WiiFuse, be sure to register right away.

To get to the thread about the tournament, which contains much more information, click here or the image above.

The following is copied information from the tournament thread in the forums, posted by member/mod SirWetBiscuitJr.  Whenever “me” or “I” is stated, it is referring to him.

Tracks: 1. GCN [...]

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November 25, 2009

Top 10 Wii Family Games for Thanksgiving 2009

You may remember my top 5 from last Thanksgiving.  Well, I’ve decided to do it again.  However, because it was difficult to narrow it down to 5, I have done a top 10.  The main requirements for this list was the level of fun and that it had to allow at least 4-players.  I hope this can help bring your family and friends together as you gather around this Thanksgiving and after.  In my opinion, this top 10 list contains games that everyone should be able to jump in and have fun.  Honestly, that’s what gaming should be about — having fun. With that being said, here’s my “Top 10 Wii Family Games for Thanksgiving [...]

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