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May 20, 2014

Swords and Soldiers HD Coming to the Wii U eShop in 2 Days!

BBQ Sauce!!!
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September 10, 2012

REVIEW – Outdoors Unleashed Africa 3D

Outdoors Unleashed packs quite a 'bang' for your buck!
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October 6, 2011

REVIEW – Star Fox 64 3D

Another classic N64 game with upgraded visuals, motion controls, and 3D? Yeah baby, Fox is in the house!
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March 30, 2011

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Combat Trailer


Enemy Contact.  Open fire!  Defend the base.  Lock down the streets of the local town.  Hunt down the enemy in the forests.  Rescue the hostages from the caves.  Sweep the enemies out of the mountains. Fly in helicopters.  Ride in tanks and trucks.  Take it to the ground and get up close and personal with the enemy.  Your objective is simple:  Grab the biggest gun you can find, then knock out the enemy with your Heavy Fire!

Game’s Touted Features Blisteringly fast-paced action set in a modern day Afghanistan Expanded sequel to the #1 selling Wiiware title Heavy Fire 24 missions — foot, vehicle, airborne and helicopter 1-4 players, cooperative and versus [...]
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