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January 18, 2014

What’s New on YouTube? (01/18/2014)

What’s new on NintendoFuse’s YouTube channel this week? A "Top 3" video, some music and the long-awaited sequel to "Allan & Nicole!" (Well, 'long-awaited' might be a bit of a stretch).
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August 12, 2013

Pixelmon – Starters’ Guide

This is a very simple guide I threw together for new users who want to play Pixelmon for themselves.
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August 12, 2013

Pokemon X Minecraft: Pixelmon

Imagine a world that is entirely your own – where the environment can be changed and altered to your liking, an immense list of items can be created using the resources the land has to offer, and the sky, or bedrock if you so choose, is your limit. Now, picture this world filled the brim with Pokemon to encounter, battle, capture and train. You’re not dreaming: it’s called Pixelmon, and is almost as amazing as it sounds.
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