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April 1, 2015

Nintendo Direct Outtake Accidentally Uploaded

Early this morning, a new video titled "Nintendo amiibo Direct" had been mistakenly uploaded to Nintendo’s official YouTube account...
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August 29, 2014

Reggie and Nintendo of America Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Nintendo of America President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, was challenged by many to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and he has accepted. He even issued the challenge to the rest of the NOA team.
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March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to the 3DS!

The Nintendo 3DS has been out a full year now (today, in North America!).  Some of the major changes have included:

Launch of the eShop Price drop ($250 down to current $170) System updates for Street Pass, addition of video recording Swapnote Launching of major software (Super Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, among numerous other great 1st and 3rd party titles) Available in Aqua Blue, Cosmo Black, Flame Red and Pearl Pink

There are plenty other highlights over the past year.

As Nintendo of America celebrates it’s 1st birthday, a gift to each owner:  A Reggie Mii!  If you connect to the internet (like to the eShop) then return to the main menu, [...]

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July 24, 2008

MTV Multiplayer’s Chat With Reggie about a Storage Solution

Multiplayer: Are you hearing this complaint mostly from — and let’s use a nicer comment than “geeks and otaku” — more from hardcore gamers than from your expanded blue ocean audience?

Fils-Aime: From an Americas-centric perspective, here is the reality we see. We have a consumer base who loves virtual console. We have a userbase who really is enjoying WiiWare content. So for us really our challenge really is how do we satisfy all these consumers who are loving all of the product we make available on a download basis? As we continue to have things, as you point out, like ‘Mario Kart’ that has its own channel when [...]

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