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October 1, 2010

Pokemon Black & White Walkthrough Part 3: Catching Pokemon & New Towns

Here is Part 3 of the Pokemon Back and White walk through. I apologize for the wait from now on I will upload the walk through parts more frequently. You can watch this video in 720p HD. If you want to express your thoughts on this walk through video you can do so by commenting in the appropriate section below this article or by posting on the WiiFuse forum. Please acknowledge the source of this video at the bottom of this article and if there are any parts of the walk through that you have not yet seen yet please refer to the links at the bottom of this article also.  Stay tuned to WiiNintendo for the latest and greatest in Pokemon Black and White as well as the many more news and [...]

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September 24, 2010

Pokemon Black & White Walkthrough Part 2: Arrival Of Aragagi HD

As promised the hungry North American Pokemon fans are being fed. So here is Part 2, please acknowledge the source of this video at the bottom of this article and listen to the Wiifuse podcast for all the latest rumors and news on Pokemon Black and White. You can also watch this video in 720p. If you feel that the game is being spoiled for you due to the walk through videos that are being uploaded please by all mean do not watch this video and the many more that are to come but if you are ready to go for a ride then hang on because there are a lot more Pokemon Black and White videos coming your way as well as an exclusive review by yours truly.

Parts of the Walk through that [...]

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September 24, 2010

Pokemon Black & White Walkthrough Part 1: A New Beginning HD

(Editors Message, Sorry for having to post this again the previous source was not reliable and up to my standards, I am new to the team so therefore there are few things I don’t know this will not happen ever again. Please enjoy this walk through video an the many more that will continue to come.)

With the recent release of “Pokemon Black and White” in Japan (Japanese release date: September/18th/2010) comes a hungry group of North American Pokemon fans here to eat up the game play videos as they anticipate the arrival of “Pokemon Black and White” to North America. In an attempt to satisfy the hungry Pokemon fans I have decided to [...]

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