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February 17, 2011

Nintendo Announces Final Shipment of Retro Mario Collection

Did you get your copy of Super Mario All-Stars for Wii? If not, March 13 will be the final shipment, and possibly your final chance to buy it new from a retail store.


Feb. 15, 2011

Nintendo of America is producing its final run of the Super Mario All-Stars™ Limited Edition package that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros.™ game. The collection went on sale on Dec. 12 at a suggested retail price of $29.99, and nearly all retail locations were out of stock within days. The final shipments will be in stores on March 13.

The games [...]

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November 9, 2010

Nintendo Fuse Podcast: 3DS Shop, Nintendo’s Q2 sales, Club Nintendo, and more!

Live podcast recording is over. You can listen to it below.

After a break last week, WiiNintendo’s Nintendo Fuse Podcast is back again! And because of the break, there’s lots more to discuss in the episode TONIGHT at 9:30 pm EST! Yes, you heard correctly… we have a new time of 9:30 pm, so make note of that so you don’t tune in at the wrong time. Tonight, we might have a LIVE interview with Alex Neuse, the founder of Gaijin Games (BIT.TRIP series). We’re still in the process of scheduling that, so it might be tonight… but as of now, I can’t say for sure. But, what I can say for sure is that we’ll be discussing new Club [...]

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