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December 3, 2010

WiiNintendo Mailbox – Q&A – Wii HDMI

Belal writes:

Hi, I have a nintendo wii which i would like to connect to my Philips E-line 234EL2SB. Please tell me how to achieve the best picture on the screen and which cable i need to buy to achieve this. Many thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for writing, Belal. We have done a number of reviews regarding Component vs. Composite Wii cables (actually we were the first to test component cables on the Wii).

Most new LCD and Plasma TV’s come with a component option which you can find hundreds of options for using Wii to component cables. Unfortunately, your particular monitor, Philips E-line 234EL2SB, does not have a component input. There are [...]

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